13 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cemetery Plot

Choosing a final resting place is more than just the bottom-line cost and location. You want to be sure you’re getting what you pay for and that you have a clear understanding of everything that’s included in your contract. Before you sign on the dotted line with any cemetery, ask these 13 important questions: HowContinue reading “13 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cemetery Plot”

Cemeteries and Burial Plots: Understanding Your Options

Although more people are choosing cremation these days, burial continues to be the preferred method of final disposition in the U.S. Even those who choose cremation must decide what to do with the cremated remains, and, for many, burial is the answer. Just how does one choose a cemetery and burial plot? Depending on yourContinue reading “Cemeteries and Burial Plots: Understanding Your Options”

What is a Religious Funeral?

A religious funeral is a ceremony where loved ones and friends gather to mark the passing of someone who was important to them. A religious leader will preside over the event and guide mourners through the process of saying goodbye. Congregants are usually present to help guide everyone through the ceremony and any religious ritualsContinue reading “What is a Religious Funeral?”

The Process of Purchasing a Burial Plot

There are many reasons to purchase a burial plot in a cemetery ahead of time. Less expensive. When you purchase a burial plot in advance, you’ll most likely save money. Your family won’t be rushed into a decision after your death, and you can take your time shopping around for options. Furthermore, a grieving familyContinue reading “The Process of Purchasing a Burial Plot”

Choosing a Cemetery: Where to Start

Get Started If you’re planning a burial or helping someone make future plans, there are a few steps you’ll need to take, including choosing the type of burial as well as the memorial. But it’s a good idea to start with choosing the location, meaning choosing your preferred cemetery. Everything else stems from that. Basic Types of Cemeteries You’d be forgiven for thinking all cemeteries are theContinue reading “Choosing a Cemetery: Where to Start”