Flower & Decoration Regulations

Bristol Cemetery Notice:

Beginning 9/1/2021 All graves wil be cleared of all items that violate the rules and regulations. This includes shepherd hooks, decorative borders, fencing. bushes/ trees, damaged/filthy items, and glass /ceramic items. Please remove all items you wish to keep by 9/1/21 or they will be disposed of by staff. This pertains to all graves in the cemetery no exceptions ! The rules are outlined on this website, a copy can be requested via email bristolcemeterypa@gmail.com, and a short list of rules are listed on the signs at both entrances of the cemetery. This notice has been posted on social media and will also be posted throughout the cemetery.

The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all flowers, wreaths or other decorations from lots as soon as they become unsightly. The grounds will be cleared of decorations one month after each holiday.  In order for a family to save any decorations placed on a grave, the decoration should be removed prior to these dates.

Fresh flower arrangements are allowed on lots in a disposable vase. Glass containers are prohibited.

Items not allowed to be placed on a lot within the Cemetery include, but are not limited to, the following: shepherd’s hooks, standup decorations, coping, curbing, flag holders, decorative rocks, fencing, hedging, grave mounds, borders or enclosures. No decorations of any type are permitted in trees or Cemetery plantings.

Trees and shrubs are placed throughout the Cemetery by the Cemetery for overall beauty and serenity of the grounds. Individual graves are not permitted to have trees or shrubs. Any such tree or shrub not approved by the Cemetery may be removed without notice to the lot owner.

Certain lots embrace a tree that may interfere with space that otherwise might be used for burial. In such a case, the Cemetery recognizes that right to the retention of the trees as prior to the right of use of such space for burial. Should any such tree die naturally, the Cemetery will remove it at its own expense.

Glass is prohibited at all times.

The Cemetery shall have the right to remove all objects whose appearance and condition warrant removal and/or violate the Cemetery’s rules and regulations. The Cemetery also will not be liable for any flower or decoration removed or lost by any cause.

Decorations are not permitted more than 8″ from the headstone of the plot. Any decoration that is more than 8″ from the headstone will be removed and disposed of. If in such instances the 8″ is full, there will be no more decorations permitted further without others being removed.

Decorations are only permitted in front of each gravestone. Anything left behind or on either side of the stone will be removed and disposed of.

Planting Policies

Planting will be permitted 8″ in front of the headstone. No trees, bushes or shrubs. Potted plants are suggested due to weed whacking being required. The cemetery and/or staff are not responsible for planted flowers being cut down to access the weeds. Staff are responsible to complete their duties and clear the weeds. Potted plants are less likely to be effected due to weed whacking. Glass or ceramic pots will be disposed of as they pose a danger to staff weed whacking.

The foregoing regulations relative to plants on single grave spaces will apply also to family burial lots except that family lot proprietors may obtain approval from the General Manager or his or her designee (to be given only in writing) of other forms of planting if considered consistent with the general landscaping of the particular part of the Cemetery and if adequate arrangements are made for the care of the planting and for any added cost of maintaining surrounding grass areas.

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