Most families we serve are comforted by the knowledge that their loved ones will be spared the hardship of making decisions at such a difficult and sensitive time.

Planning Ahead Will:

  • Relieve emotional burden from loved ones.
  • Express your own wishes.
  • Relieve a financial burden from those you love.
  • Make decisions at your own pace without emotional stress.
  • Avoid emotional over-spending.
  • Share your choices with your family and make decisions together.
  • We look forward to receiving your pre-need information.

Interment & Funeral Regulations

Interments into a lot are restricted to those entitled to burial therein according to these rules and regulations.

The Cemetery shall be in no way liable for any delay in the interment of a body where a protest to the interment has been made or where the rules and regulations have not been complied with.

The use of one grave space shall be limited to interments as follows unless otherwise permitted by the Cemetery:
a) Two full burials and two cremains
b) One full burial and three cremains
c) Four urns of cremated remains

Cremation lot space shall be limited to interments of cremated remains only & limited to 4 urns.

No burial of a casket over three feet in length will be made unless there has been provided an outer container or receptacle of concrete or such other material which the Cemetery will deem to have comparable strength or resistance to deterioration.

Funerals are to be at the Cemetery by 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and by 12:00 p.m. on Saturday or be subject to overtime fees.

No disinterment will be allowed without permission of next of kin, the lot owner, the Cemetery and the proper authorities.

The Cemetery shall in no way be liable for any container, receptacle or urn of cremated remains placed in any lot, crypt or niche. The scattering of cremated remains over a family lot is prohibited.

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