Markers and Monuments

All memorials must be approved by the Cemetery.

The Cemetery shall have the authority to reject any memorial that, on account of its size, type, design, inscription, quality, color or method of construction is unsuitable for the particular lot or grave on which it is to be placed. The Cemetery reserves the right to prevent the placing or to remove any marker or other objects that do not comply with the standards of the Cemetery.

No marker or monument will be accepted by the Cemetery for installation unless a sketch has been furnished defining the dimensions, material content and lettering and permission of the lot owner or proper agent of the person having burial rights in the grave to be marked. All markers and monument foundations shall be placed by employees or agents of the Cemetery only.

All fees or encumbrances due on a lot must be paid in full prior to any memorial being placed on the lot, including any installation fee.

In the event a memorial is placed where it is necessary to remove it for an interment or disinterment, the Cemetery shall have the right to remove such memorial without notice to the lot owner.

The Cemetery may, at its own expense, without any liability, correct any error that may occur in the placing of a foundation or memorial.

Memorials shall be set in accordance with the general plan of the Cemetery. Not more than two (2) memorials may be placed on a grave.

47. Porcelain material may be incorporated into any memorial. No protective glass or breakable material of any kind will be allowed on the memorial.

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